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    Christopher Dedeyan was put on my path for me to be able to finish off my year in a positive and healthy way!

    Teacher at Johnny Pilot de Uashat school

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    Christopher is one of those exceptional people that always succeeds at turning difficult situations to opportunities!

    JeanPhilippe Morin

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    Christopher Dedeyan is someone who inspires and gets inspired by others!

    Anouk Diaz

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    Christopher, you have found words to capture our minds and touch our hearts. Thank you so very much!

    Isabelle Gadbois

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Christopher Dedeyan
Christopher Dedeyan added 3 new photos — feeling awesome at RE/MAX T.M.S. (Blainville,QC).4 days ago

I had a blast speaking to real estate professionals on how to be more PRODUCTIVE, get more ENERGY and control their EMOTIONS as an entrepreneur. Kind of feel nostalgic coming back and giving a speech to my peers! #LoveAndRespect ✌🏼


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Christopher Dedeyan
Christopher Dedeyan is feeling wonderful.4 weeks ago

Another great interview this time with The Networkers Quest Podcast. Matt and Colette did a phenomenal job during the interview the energy was really present. Had the chance to talk about my entrepreneurial journey and more specifically the transition that I am going through from a real estate broker to a full-time professional speaker. You can find the podcast on iTunes, Spotify or link below⬇️😉

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Christopher Dedeyan1 week ago

This is the time that I give the gift to myself of slow down to go faster afterwards. #BuildingMyEmpire

Christopher Dedeyan3 weeks ago

Anything that’s worth doing is worth doing badly in till you get it right! ~ Les Brown

Christopher Dedeyan3 weeks ago

I have a big announcement tomorrow. It’s something that’s going to bring you guys a lot of value really excited about it!! #Entrepreneur