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07 Feb 2018

Presentations and media interviews to the Sept-Îles community. Dyslexia an Opportunity! A Better Version of You!

18 Jan 2018

Presentation to the mortgage brokers of Desjardins – North ShoreA Better Version of You!

30 Oct 2017

Opening speaker of the 28th seminar and 4th symposium of the Special Educatiors of Quebec. Dyslexia an Opportunity!

10 May 2017

Presentation to the students of the adult education center of Outremont, Quebec.Dyslexia an Opportunity!

26 Apr 2017

Presentation to the students of Letendre College in Laval, Quebec. Dyslexia an Opportunity!

22 Mar 2017

42nd annual International congress for the institute of learning disabilities.Dyslexia an Opportunity!

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