Meet Christopher

Professional Speaker
& Advocate for Learning Disabilities

Christopher is a professional speaker who helps students, teachers, entrepreneurs and organizations to surpass their greatest challenges and become the best versions of themselves. Christopher always gets his message across in a humoristic, charming, energetic and passionate way.

Christopher was diagnosed with dyslexia at the age of eight. Ever since he’s been working hard to overcome his difficulties and make them into his greatest asset!

Christopher has spoken in front of over thousands of people. In classrooms, universities & companies as a keynote speaker. He has been featured in Le Devoir, Canal Vie’s “La Belle Gang” & has worked with the Ministry of Education of Quebec for their policy on educational success.

  • Testimonial

    Christopher Dedeyan was put on my path for me to be able to finish off my year in a positive and healthy way!

    Teacher at Johnny Pilot de Uashat school

  • Testimonial

    Christopher is one of those exceptional people that always succeeds at turning difficult situations to opportunities!

    JeanPhilippe Morin

  • Testimonial

    Christopher Dedeyan is someone who inspires and gets inspired by others!

    Anouk Diaz

  • Testimonial

    Christopher, you have found words to capture our minds and touch our hearts. Thank you so very much!

    Isabelle Gadbois

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Christopher Dedeyan
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Christopher Dedeyan
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Christopher Dedeyan
Christopher Dedeyan2 weeks ago

Many of the world's most successful people have failed more times than they have actually succeeded. 🧐 They attribute most of their successes to those difficult failures which they have learned from. The benefits of failure are many but for you to benefit from it, you have to reflect and learn from each of your mistakes.

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Christopher Dedeyan3 weeks ago

Plato’s Allegory of the Cave.

Christopher Dedeyan4 weeks ago

You Wanna Run This Game?

1) Develop your fucking DISCIPLINE.

2) DEMAND MORE from yourself.

3) Push yourself. Now PUSH HARDER.

4) And for the love of god, learn to ENJOY THE PROCESS.