Find your purpose and become a peak performing individual in your professional life and personal life. Christopher will help you get the results you want… Consistently!

If you’re living the feast or famine lifestyle and you’re always stressed about money, you need to get off that roller coaster fast. The lack of structure in your business and unorganized agenda is not only the culprit, but also a symptom of an even greater problem that you must first address, before the rest of these puzzle pieces can fall into place. But what can you do about this? The answer lies in mindfulness about everything you do. The way you do anything is the way you do EVERYTHING. So, starting with the details of how you wake up, how you fuel yourself, and the intentional actions you bring to your daily routine, you can begin to perform at peak levels. While most driven entrepreneurs want to skip all the work involved with the details, if you look closely you’ll see that the most successful sales professionals are diligent about consistently following systems that drive results. That’s what Christopher Dedeyan can help you do… develop your Performance Potential by designing structure, rituals, and mindfulness that will dramatically improve your professional results (and have profound effects personally too!)


Right Results Through Right Rituals:

This program is designed to help you discover your purpose and become a peak performing individual in your professional and personal life, all in a way that positively impacts your bottom line. You and your audience will discover:

  • How to reduce stress and increase productivity by using mindfulness practices in your daily work
  • Your emotional home (a safe place where you can flourish in all areas of your life)
  • How to hit emotional balance and consistently control your emotions
  • How to create a business that’s going to work for you, so you’re not creating a business that you have to work forever.
  • Get the competitive edge in business & life.


Success Through Brain Chemistry & Energy:

This program is designed to help you understand and get a blueprint of the tricks and methodologies used by the most successful people. The game we are playing is brain chemistry and energy. You and your audience will discover:

  • How to tap into the success matrix that combines different vibrations of your mind and manifestations to drive you to higher accomplishment and prosperity.
  • How to use energy and frequency to accomplish your goals by bending reality.
  • How to utilize your unconscious mind for a greater results.

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    Christopher Dedeyan was put on my path for me to be able to finish off my year in a positive and healthy way!

    Teacher at Johnny Pilot de Uashat school

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    Christopher is one of those exceptional people that always succeeds at turning difficult situations to opportunities!

    JeanPhilippe Morin

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    Christopher Dedeyan is someone who inspires and gets inspired by others!

    Anouk Diaz

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    Christopher, you have found words to capture our minds and touch our hearts. Thank you so very much!

    Isabelle Gadbois