5 Lessons That People Learn Too Late In Life

on November 25, 2021

2 years ago | 5 Min Read

Life is all about learning. We all spend a couple decades as students in school but our education should actually be a lifelong pursuit. We need to keep learning new things, in order to grow as people. Life is constantly teaching you lessons. It will teach you the same lesson over and over, until you finally learn it and apply it to your life. Unfortunately, some people don’t end up learning some very important lessons until they’re much older. These are the kind of lessons that people say they would go back in time and tell their younger self about. I wanted to share 5 of those life-changing lessons, so that you can learn and apply them to your life, while you’re still young enough to make the most of it. 

#1. Live Life Without Fear

There is a big difference between danger and fear. If something is truly dangerous, such as jumping off of a bridge, then its natural for you to fear that thing. On the other hand, we also tend to feel fear about things that aren’t actually dangerous to us. We might fear looking for a new job, dating someone new or jumping into a new investment. All of those things are positive, and yet your mind will be afraid of them, as if they are deadly. You need to be able to discern between the dangerous things and the things that are just outside of your comfort zone. Your fear is often showing you the path to newer heights of success and happiness. Embrace your fear and lean into it. It will make you grow in many different ways. 

#2. Stop Complaining

It’s easy to complain about things not going your way. It’s easy to complain about how unfair your circumstances are. It’s easy to find excuses to give up. What isn’t easy is to face your difficulties. That being said, if you face them, you can always find something positive in them. You might be able to learn some important lessons through the struggle. You would also be much better off focusing on the things that you have control over. Complaining won’t accomplish anything and it won’t bring you any closer to achieving your dreams. Embrace the struggle and look for the silver linings that they come with. 

#3. Know Your Destination

The destination is more important than the route that you take to get there. If you have to walk from one end of a room to the other, you will know exactly what path to take. If there is a table in your way, you will simply walk around it and still get to the other side of the room. On the other hand, if you had no destination and were just aimlessly walking, you could walk for hours and still not get anywhere new. Having a destination is important, so that you can have some direction in your life. If you have a big goal you’re working towards, you will have an easier time finding motivation to stay on your path. 

This is so important that it’s even helpful to have a destination that you don’t even end up going to. You might go half way towards your destination before realizing that you actually want to go somewhere else instead. That’s perfectly okay! The fact that you set that first destination for yourself was what got you to start moving, and then you eventually were able to see the right destination. Have a destination in mind, then start walking towards it. One way or another, you will eventually end up wherever you were meant to go.

#4. Everything Is Temporary

This can be seen as both a positive and negative thing. Whether something is good or bad, it is temporary. If you are experiencing a lot of success, always keep in mind that your fortune can change in the blink of an eye. Conversely, if you’re struggling right now, always remember that this moment of difficulty will pass and you will be happy again. Remain humble in the face of victory and remain hungry in the face of defeat. Life is constantly changing. Embrace the chaos and ride it all the way to finding consistent success and happiness.

#5. Have Fun

Children spend a lot of their time playing but most adults see that as a waste of their time. Why play some basketball when you can work on the details of your next business deal? You might think you’re being responsible by not playing anymore but you’re actually doing your cognitive abilities a great disservice. Playing games teaches us many important life skills. This is true for adults just as much as it is for children. In nature, we see baby tigers play-fighting with each other. While it might seem like a game, it is actually a crucial step towards those tigers being capable hunters and protectors as adults. Learn to step back and have some fun, every once in a while. Your mind will be able to think about things in new ways and the quality of your work will significantly improve as a result. 

Life is filled with lessons. We learn new things from the day we’re born to the day we die. Learning important lessons at a relatively young age is one of the most powerful catalysts for self improvement. If you adopt these 5 lessons into your life, you will see that your personal life and career really start to flourish like they never have before. 


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