How To Be More Charismatic

on November 11, 2021

3 years ago | 3 Min Read

Charismatic people are magnetic. They attract positive energy towards themselves on a daily basis. But is their charisma a superpower they were born with? Some people are naturally charismatic but most people actually had to work at it. Charisma is a social skill and like most other skills, it can be developed and improved over time. Here are 5 steps to become more charismatic. 

#1. Embrace Your Imperfections

You might perceive charismatic people as being perfect but the opposite is actually true. They might seem smarter, stronger and happier than other people but your perception of them is a result of their charismatic energy. The difference between them and the average person is that they know when to not take themselves seriously. If they make a mistake, they just laugh it off and move on, rather than dwelling on it and feeling embarrassed. We all have imperfections. That is part of being human. These are the things that make us each unique individuals. It’s much better to embrace those things, rather than trying to hide them from the world. Be yourself. Everybody else is already taken.

#2. Don’t Dominate The Conversation

When speaking to someone, it’s perfectly ok to talk about yourself and highlight your successes but it’s important to have balance in any conversation. You need to be just as interested in hearing about the other person’s life as you are about telling them your own story. You want to make them feel that you are focused on them and interested in their lives. This will make you naturally seem more charismatic and they will feel more comfortable opening up to you. You want to be as interested in their lives as you would be in a good book or movie. Being interested in others will make you seem more interesting to them. 

#3. Communicate With Your Hands

Charismatic people tend to use hand and body gestures while speaking. This shows that they are mindful about whatever they’re saying. Studies also show that people are more trustworthy when you can see their hands. Use your hands to help illustrate your points and ease people’s discomforts. 

#4. Make Eye Contact

Charismatic people tend to make strong eye contact with the people they speak to. This doesn’t mean that they gaze into people’s eyes until they feel uncomfortable. You just need to make meaningful eye contact with the person you’re speaking to. This will make them feel more engaged and open in the conversation

#5. Be Positive

Positive people tend to attract more opportunities to them than other people. Their smiles are contagious. It’s hard to stay angry or upset when you see someone smiling at you. If you can radiate positivity, you will be far more charismatic than the average person. Your positive energy will draw other people’s positive energy towards you, just like a magnet attracts metal.

Having charisma will open many new doors to you. Having a positive and magnetic personality will naturally draw more people to you. Their perception of you will be a positive one. Take the time to apply these 5 techniques to the way you communicate and carry yourself. Your newfound charisma will be a powerful tool for you to grow and improve yourself in business and life.


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