What Makes A Successful Entrepreneur?

on May 20, 2021

3 years ago | 3 Min Read

Successful entrepreneurs think and act differently than most other people. There are many character traits they have that set them apart from the masses but I wanted to highlight 3 of them that I think are particularly important. If you can nurture these character traits within yourself, you will put yourself in a much better position to succeed. 

#1. Embrace Risk

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary definition of entrepreneur is “one who organizes, manages and assumes the risk of a business or enterprise.” While most people want the comfort and stability of a regular paycheck, entrepreneurs prefer taking calculated risks on business ventures that can become successful in the future. They are comfortable with betting on themselves and their vision, work ethic and ability to execute. Entrepreneurs know that taking risks can lead to growth and success, so they lean into those hurdles and face them head on. 

#2. Always Learn

Successful entrepreneurs make it a habit to learn new things everyday. They take in new information through books, workshops, seminars, audiobooks, podcasts, interviews and other forms of media. They prioritize this over consuming entertainment media. Once they have a specific goal in mind or a type of business they want to open, they begin to learn about that topic and field. The relevant knowledge they gain helps them get much further than the average person.

Successful entrepreneurs also make it a point to analyze their own lives and experiences, their successes and failures. They consider what they could have done better in each situation. They always look for valuable lessons to learn in everything they do. This helps them to keep developing themselves and growing as people and entrepreneurs. Having that growth mindset allows them to keep pushing forward, even when faced with difficult obstacles. 

#3. Be Passionate

Successful entrepreneurs are people who pursue something they are passionate about. They want to be financially successful, of course, but they also have some bigger goals and internal driving forces. They identify problems they see in some segment of society and set out to solve them. They do this because they know it will improve the quality of people’s lives. They realize that they have an important task ahead of them, which helps them to stay focused over long periods of time. Every successful entrepreneur is pursuing something they are very passionate about. Find something you are passionate about helping people with and start working towards making it a reality. You will make a positive impact on many people’s lives. Your own financial success will merely be a byproduct of the positive contribution you’re making to society.  


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