How To Build And Maintain Positive Momentum

on August 19, 2021

3 years ago | 4 Min Read

Whether you’re working towards accomplishing goals in your business, career or anything else in life, you will need to put in consistent effort to be successful. It’s easy to get inspired and motivated in any given moment but you can’t rely on those emotions to push you on a daily basis. Here are 4 of my favorite strategies to build and maintain the positive momentum you need to accomplish all your goals.

#1. Adjust Your Mindset

We all have limiting beliefs about ourselves. If you aren’t aware of them, you can really hold yourself back from accomplishing your goals and reaching your full potential in life. If you believe something, you will act accordingly. The results you get from those actions will reinforce your beliefs and it becomes one big circle. This is true whether your beliefs are positive or negative. If you think you can’t do something, you will end up proving yourself right. You need to believe that you can actually accomplish the goals you set for yourself. When you genuinely believe that you’re capable of performing the necessary tasks to accomplish that goal, your actions and their results will be successful.

#2. Start Small

The first step is often the most difficult one to take. It’s really difficult to begin something but once you’ve gotten started down a path, it’s much easier to keep going. You want to start your day off with easy wins. Getting out of bed within 10 seconds of waking up, making your bed and brushing your teeth are all great examples of getting easy wins to use as the foundation for the rest of your day. Once you’ve accomplished one task, it’s much easier to accomplish the next one. You will keep building more positive momentum for yourself, as you accomplish each task, but it all starts with taking that first step, so make it a small one. This technique was summed up as “Minimal Viable Effort” by Stanford University researcher BJ Fogg. 

#3. Evaluate Yourself Regularly

It’s important to always be honest with yourself about how you’ve been performing recently. You need to know your strengths and weaknesses. You need to compare your results to your goals and see where you’ve been falling short. If there are specific ways that you can adjust your approach and improve your results, you’ll want to implement those things into your efforts. 

You also want to take note of the ways in which you are performing well and accomplishing your tasks. When you’re honest about both the positive and negative things, it’s much easier to see the progress you’ve already made. Once you’ve validated your own success, you will have even more positive momentum to keep pushing you.

#4. Celebrate Your Small Victories

We all celebrate our big wins in life but it’s even more important to celebrate the small ones too. When we’re focused on some big goal, we tend to have tunnel vision. We’ll be so consumed by that big goal that we might be going through the motions on auto pilot, on our way to accomplishing it. If you can be mindful of all the small steps you’ve been taking, you will be able to remind yourself of all the progress you’ve made. You might not think those small steps mean much but they really add up exponentially, as you keep moving along your journey. 

If you’re driving a car and you turn the steering wheel ever so slightly, you might barely have adjusted the direction of the car. Eventually though, that slight adjustment will make a significant difference in where the car ends up going. Celebrate those small adjustments because they can lead to big results. You will have to accomplish several smaller goals to get to the big one, so you need to enjoy the journey more than the destination. Having the perspective that you are actually making tangible progress towards your big goal will help you keep building your positive momentum all the way till you reach the finish line.

Positive momentum is the key to having long term success. I am confident if you implement these 4 strategies into your life, you will be able to build and maintain the powerful momentum you need to accomplish your big goals. Believe in yourself and start walking down your path. The positive momentum you build for yourself will carry you all the way to your destination.  


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